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One of the Training Centre’s key projects is The HATUA TV Talk Show. To-date, forty five 45-minute episodes have been shot and aired on National Television in Kenya. Season IV had moved into Prime-Time, Wednesday night at 7:30pm on NTV. The HATUA TV Talk Show’s season IV was watched by over 4million viewers.

The HATUA TV Talk Show offers Kenyans a chance to speak out on Human Rights issues, utilising an innovative and entertaining platform. The show is shot with 7 cameras and a 40 ft. crane. The production is switched live at Film Studios on a 280 sq. meter set depicting a downtown Nairobi street corner. Each programme contains a highly researched 5-minute feature story that helps focus the discussion. The show is driven by a host, a 30-50-person audience, a special guest, and a live 9-piece band. During production the students shoot between 2-3 complete shows a day, with a different audience for each show. Each year, a 13-part series is produced, by the students of The Mohamed Amin Foundation.

In 2007, the first year students of the training centre shot a special live HATUA TV Talk Show, in Zanzibar, on the Legacies of Slavery, 200 years since abolition. The show was recorded live at the Old Fort in Stone Town on the night of the 4th of July during the Zanzibar International Film Festival. It went down as the premiere event of ZIFF 2007.

HATUA season 4 just aired with an exciting bouquet of 13 topics:

  • Youth and livelihood
  • Waste Management (environmental pollution)
  • Accountability and Public Spending
  • Bride Price
  • Leadership and Impunity
  • Community Policing
  • Women in Leadership
  • Food Security
  • Defining Kenyanness
  • Media and Freedom of Expression
  • Access to Health- Reproductive health for the youth
  • Poverty Gap- Between rich and poor
  • Hatua Means Action

HATUA season V is in the making, to be shot live in April 2010 and broadcast by July 2010. Watch out for another exciting season of taking responsible action.

HATUA is for sale to broadcasters: 45 host/audience active episodes of 45-minutes each with a further 13 episodes of Season 5 coming up by June 2010.


Agnes Njeri (Kenyan) Joseph Mbuti Kingoo (Kenyan)
Agnes and Joe are alumni of MoFORCE Training and are now the producers for HATUA Season 5. They completed the Advanced Diploma at MoFORCE Training and did a year internship as assistant producers in Season 4 Academy.

Producers & Directors-in-Training

Each year, selected students in their 3rd year, assist the trainers by helping in the training of the first and second year students in practical tutorials, mentorship and the producing and directing of programmes. They also work as Assistants to the HATUA Producers.

In 2010 our Producers & Directors-in-Training will be: Nyokabi Kahura (Kenyan) & John Oyamo (Kenyan)

For more information contact the producers Agnes Njeri and Joseph Mbuti