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Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation
Mohamed Amin Foundation


Name: The Mohamed Amin Foundation
Address: P.O. Box 45048, Nairobi 00100, Kenya
Telephone: +254-20-434 9280 Fax +254-20-434 9280

Email Chairman: Salim Amin

Executive & Founding Directors:
The Mohamed Amin Foundation & MoFORCE Training for Television and Film
David Johnson & Christel de Wit

Student Co-ordinator:
Terry Wanjohi
NGO Registered in Kenya # OP.218/051/9956/1453


In February, 1998, two years after the tragic death of the African Journalist, Mohamed Mo Amin, his son, Salim Amin, (Kenya) together with David Johnson (U.S.A) and Christel de Wit (South Africa), founded The Mohamed Amin Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mission Statement

Fostering a dedicated and discerning breed of young men and women with solid abilities, to help raise the standards of communication on the African continent and face the technological challenges of the 21st century.


MoFORCE Training for Television & Film

A Broadcast TV and Film Training Centre is based in Nairobi, Kenya and trains media students from all over the African Continent. The Training centre opened its doors in 1998 and runs a 2 to 3 year full time set of Television and Film courses and several Short Courses each year. The success of the training is demonstrated in the many Awards that its students’ TV and Film work have won. MoFORCE Training for Television and Film is unique in its training approach and curriculum and is the only Training Centre of its kind on the African Continent.

The HATUA TV Talk Show

A nationally televised host/audience show, produced annually by The Mohamed Amin Foundation MoFORCE Training and supported by a Grant from OSIEA ( Open Society Initiative for East Africa. The show deals with Human Rights and Social Issues that affect the public at large. A 7-Camera studio shoot with a Crane, a live studio audience with host, a 17m x 17m set depicting a downtown Nairobi street corner and park, a nine piece band and a crew of over 50 Students and young artists make this project a one of a kind training platform.

The HATUA Show is now entering Season 5 with 4 million viewers in Prime Time.

Polar Meets Solar

An annual student cultural exchange and short film workshop, where three short films are produced in cross cultural teams, in 18 days. Since 1999 The Foundation has coordinated this workshop between selected Film and TV students and teachers of MoFORCE Training, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki, Finland and the Film and Television Institute of India Pune, India.


Independent organisations with Charity Status in the UK and the USA assist the work of The Mohamed Amin Foundation.

Trustees of Mohamed Amin Reg. No. 1073419 is a registered charity in England and Wales.

Friends of The Mohamed Amin Foundation is a registered 501 (c) (3) public charity in the USA.


Chairman of The Mohamed Amin Foundation

Salim AminChairman (Kenyan), Son of the late Mohamed Amin, born 1970. Salim was thrust into the role of Managing Director of Camerapix Ltd at the young age of 26 when his father’s life was cut tragically short. He holds a Bachelors degree in Communication from the University of Vancouver. Salim held onto his father’s dreams and ideals for training and developing local African talent to tell the African Stories with competence and founded The Foundation with David Johnson and Christel de Wit in 1998.

Salim is also CEO of Camerapix Ltd and A24 Media and a Young Global Leader.

Founding Directors of The Mohamed Amin Foundation

Directors of MoFORCE Training for Television and Film
David JohnsonManaging Director & Head of Training (American), born 1950. David has been involved in television production and training in Austin Texas, Monterey Mexico and Cape Town South Africa since 1983. He holds a Bachelors degree in Science and Education from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. He was a high school teacher for 6 years before starting his own business and moving on into television.

With his diverse knowledge of television production and engineering, combined with his skill in teaching and training, he has developed a 3-year training programme that has been highly successful and that is supported by many major television organisations such as the BBC, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg Television, ABC Australia and CNN International. David is at the head of The Foundation and the Training Centre and an Advisor on the Friends of The Mohamed Amin Foundation’s Charity Board in the USA.

Christel de Wit - Director & Projects Co-ordinator (South African), born 1954. Christel was a high school teacher and professional librarian, but also spent 14 years in a Cape Town publishing business, working for the largest educational publisher in RSA. There she developed projects that included an international library project and the environmental education department of the company. She holds a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences from the University of Stellenbosch and diplomas in Library Science, Higher Education, Public Relations and Project Management.

Together with David, she worked in the South African Film Industry and chaired committees ranging in diversity from The SA Museum (IZIKO) to the Government’s Regional Environmental Impact committee. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Christel developed the idea of the MoFORCE fraternity that keeps alumni connected and provides professional assistance when students go on into their professional careers. She researches and co-ordinates the projects undertaken by The Foundation and heads up an international film exchange between the students of MoFORCE Training, the Helsinki Polytechnic in Finland and the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune. This student cultural exchange changes partners and invites film schools to participate. Her interest in ethnography and especially cultural customs regarding communication has led to an extensive research project on the East African Kanga textile. With a grant from the Embassy of Finland and the Ford Foundation, she has researched the communications impact of the Kanga on the Muslim Swahili Culture along the African East Coast. With The Mohamed Amin Foundation, she has curated two major exhibitions on Kanga.

Today Christel is regarded as the leading authority on Kanga. Her research continues and the results will be published in a definitive book on Kanga. She co-ordinates all administrative and daily functions at The Foundation and Training Centre.

Ayaz Rajput - Senior Trainer/ Senior Engineer (Kenyan), born 1978. Ayaz was a member of MoFORCE 2. He was selected to remain with the Foundation to assist with the training and the engineering of the television equipment. He is a unique individual with an aptitude for television engineering, creative direction and a skilled technician in camera, sound and editing. He keeps the equipment at the Foundation in excellent order to ensure its continued use in the training. His one-minute film titled My Nairobi has been accepted into 3 international film festivals and made it into the judging round of the best eight short films in Tampere Finland. Ayaz is an accomplished sound engineer and has worked on major International stage productions that have toured Kenya.

Ayaz is the Award Winning Line Producer for all the first-year student films and to date has four Best Student Film Awards to his credit.

Adeel Rajput - Junior Trainer / Computer Technician (Kenyan), born 1977. Adeel comes from an Electronics and Engineering background and worked for a top design company for 4 years, gaining valuable experience in computer graphics and design. He worked in out-door advertising (billboards) and sign making for a further 3 years, before he spent a year in video and camera engineering and editing at Camerapix. He went on to work in a National Geographic team as assistant video editor, graphics and technical engineer for a documentary on an expedition that rafted the Nile from source to sea: The Longest River.

Adeel is also an accomplished sound technician and did location sound for National Geographic’s Seconds to Disaster. He was also the video editor for various Pilsner game shows and the Kenyan weekly TOTO 649 – a National Lottery Show.

Terry Wanjohi - Administrative & Student Co-ordinator(Kenyan), born 1977. Terry joined the Training Centre in February 2005, to assist Christel with the daily running of the Centre. She is the student co-ordinator, the front house manager and the friendly voice on the phone. She comes from an advertising background. Terry has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Newport International University, USA (Kenya) and a Diploma in International Leadership Management (Strathmore, Kenya). With her background and qualifications she helps to expand the scope of the Training Centre and The Foundation.

Alex Namu - Office Man Friday (Kenyan) born 1971 Alex joined The Foundation in 2004. It was his first real job opportunity and he has learned very fast on the job. Alex takes care of keeping the Training Centre in perfect order, helps in the office and does all the out of office errands and messaging.


The Training centre opened its doors in 1998 to six first year students. In 12 years we grew from a 1-year Diploma Course to a 3-year series of Diploma Courses, with currently 17 full-time students/interns. We hope to steadily continue to grow these numbers. The Foundation is seeking funding to expand the Training Centre to allow for an increase in training capacity.

Female Male Total
Chairman 0 1 1
Professional Staff 1 3 4
Support Staff 2 2 4
Alumni(Graduates 1998-2008) 34 52 86
Current 1st year Students 2009 4 5 9


To assist the regional media / television / film industry, we annually hold short courses to upgrade the skills of technicians and media professionals. Specialised short courses that may be requested by industry members are also catered for.