MoFORCE Training for Television and Film – Training Outline

Television News Journalism

  • Making well balanced, fair, accurate, and dynamic News stories using State of The Art ENG equipment.

  • Reporting with a high degree of leadership, ethics, courage and professionalism, seeking the truth, bearing witness and informing people of the events that unfold around them.

  • Camera, Editing, Sound & Writing Skills and Techniques developed to an international standard.

  • MoFORCE Training for Television and Film is motivating, guiding and training young Africans to work responsibly to this end.

    The Mohamed Amin Foundation is a Proponent of a Free And Democratic Press

Narrative Film & Documentary

  • Local programming is essential for culturally relevant entertainment & education and we strive to develop local talent that can create culturally relevant and entertaining programmes.

  • Narrative Film & Documentary production skills and techniques are developed.

  • Students produce a short film and short documentary feature with the aim of TV broadcast or entry into Film Festivals.

  • Producing, Directing, Scripting, Sound Recording, Camera, Systems Engineering and Editing skills are developed utilising state of the art equipment.

    Delivering Professional Television and Film Training and Enabling Media & Personal Skills

Television Multi-Camera Production

  • Students produce a multi-camera production of a live event.

  • Producing, Directing, Scripting, Sound Recording, Camera, Engineering and Post-production of a live event.

  • Students learn to work under the pressures of live recording.

  • Teamwork Skills.

  • The aim is for these productions to be Broadcast on Local Television. In 2006-2010 a Nationally Broadcast Host-Audience Talk Show called HATUA will air next in June/july 2010. Sponsored by OSIEA.

    Training Individuals to International Standards of Production

International Student Exchange, since 1999

  • The Mohamed Amin Foundation has developed the Polar meets Solar Student Film Festival & Workshop to enable Television and Film students from around the globe to work together, producing 1-Minute Films & Short Films in the various countries that participate.

  • Working with students from others countries increases perspective and point of view.

  • News Journalists and Filmmakers must broaden their perspectives in order to achieve in the global village.

    Empowerment for Freedom of Expression and Confidence Building

International Television Festivals, Markets and Conventions

  • We try take the students to the International Broadcast Convention in the Netherlands.

  • This gives the student an up to date view of the TV and Film industry in the world.

  • The students are exposed to current trends in technology, marketing and content creation.

  • In the past, the students of The Mohamed Amin Foundation’s Training Centre have attended the Sithengi, Southern African Film and Television Market in Cape Town and The International Broadcast Convention in Amsterdam.

  • Students also attend all local Festivals and Industry events.

    Expanding The Vision of African Television & Filmmakers

International Experts who have worked with MoFORCE Training for Television & Film in Nairobi

  • Matthew Evans, Director East Enders, UK
  • Nik Gowing, Main Presenter, BBC World
  • Patrick Tucker, Director, UK
  • Tim Spence, Journalist,Washington Post, USA
  • Vibeke Windelov, Producer, Multiple Cannes Film Festival Winners, Zentropa, Denmark
  • Raili Kangas, Film Producer/Film Editor, Finland
  • Michael Beardsley, ICFJ Knight Fellow & News Director, USA
  • Henry Foster, Director, UK
  • Barbara Rafaeli, Producer, Bloomberg Television
  • Harry Boyd, 1st AD, Tomorrow never dies (Pierce Brosnan), UK
  • Sebastian Wintero, Director of Photography – Denmark
  • Eduardo Costa, Major Television Actor, Italy
  • Flemming Klem, Academy Award Winning Screenwriter – Denmark
  • Rona Peligal, Human Rights Watch
  • Shyam Benegal, Acclaimed Indian Documentary and Feature Filmmaker
  • Marius van Graan, RED Camera Director of Photographer, South Africa
  • Claude Haffner, Lecturer in Script and Screen writing, Congo/France/South Africa
  • Jiri Machacek, Award Winning Actor, Czech Republic